Official Map: Oslo T-bane (Metro) System

An excellent example of a fully diagrammatic metro map. Clearly marked routes (both by number and end station name), bright and attractive colours and lots of useful information like bus, tram and main line railway interchanges. The city centre area is nicely denoted by showing it as a white square against the light grey background - the information is there, but is definitely subordinate to the main purpose of the map. There also appears to be some thought put into making the map future-proof: note the gap between Majorstuen and Nationalthreatret stations, where a new station, Homansbyen, will be built; and the extension of the 6 Line which is currently being brought up to full T-bane standards.

Have we been there? No

What we like: The lovely gradient between the dark blue 4 Line and cyan 6 Line as the service changes from one to the other on the Ring Line. Effective and easy to understand tram and bus interchange information.

What we don’t like: The black tick marks for normal stations seem a little tacked on - I think I would prefer ticks in the same colour as the line they’re on. The white keyline strangely disappears on the 6 Line after Jar station - a mistake?

Our rating: Really quite excellent. 4 stars.

4 Stars!

(Source: Official T-banen Website)

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