Official Map: Key Bus Routes in Central London

This charming diagram produced by Transport for London is obviously targeted at tourists, but still manages to pack a lot of information in - bus routes, tourist attractions, connections to the Tube, Overground, DLR, National Rail and river ferries. That it still manages to look attractive and be easy to follow makes it all the better.

Have we been there? Yes, and I even got off the Tube to catch a bus here and there.

What we like: Clean design that borrows many recognisable elements from the London Tube map, especially the distinctive Johnston Sans. Lovely little cameo illustrations for the tourist attractions.

What we don’t like: Not useful for plotting a walking route between points of interest - this map is about transportation options only. Some of the stops with many routes passing through it could do with a linking “interchange station” instead of individual dots - it can get difficult to trace the dots across seven or eight routes to find the location name. The map gives you no idea of how long a bus trip through excruciatingly congested London traffic might take. I caught the 74 from Marble Arch to Putney once and it took absolutely forever to get there.

Our rating: A welcome addition to the London transit family of maps, charming and useful at the same time. Three-and-a-half-stars.

3.5 Stars


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