Boston “T” Map Redesign - Anyone Interested in Prints?

So I just made a one-off poster of my Boston “T” redesign as a giveaway for the HOW Design Conference that is being held in Boston this June (see the connection there?). Originally, I wasn’t thinking of offering these maps for general sale, but when the poster came back from the printer, I was pretty much blown away by how awesome it looked. So much so, I may just have changed my mind…

So, here’s the question: Who’s interested in prints? They would be 36”x24”, printed on gorgeous 250gsm Red River Aurora Fine Art White 100% cotton rag paper, priced at $39 + shipping (the same as my Interstate and US Route maps).

Secondary question: if you had to pick only one of the four variants - current services including key bus routes, current services excluding buses, future services including buses, future services excluding buses - which would you choose? (Check out all four by clicking here.)

I’m probably only going to print one variant, and probably in a limited edition, so choose wisely, okay?

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    The home land
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    i would buy a print hands down! i tried to get a current complete map w/ all bus routes printed at a copy shop, but they...
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  5. emotingviamemes answered: Whichever one you pick I will probably buy several of them.
  6. drike answered: Just current service. Clean and simple. Future plans never happen here anyway…
  7. illsouryourmilk answered: future services including buses
  8. taylosaurus answered: Current service, no bus. It looks cleaner, and knowing the MBTA, the future service won’t ever happen, at least not as planned.
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