San Antonio Options

Very rough alternatives for my next big subway map-style project (and when I say big, I mean BIG!).

The option on the right is definitely more accurate when it comes to the way the routes interact, but feels overly fussy and a little messy. By not showing the highways within the I-410 loop (the left option), the map is simplified a lot… which - considering the scale I’m contemplating - is probably a good thing!


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  1. goreiilar answered: The left one is clearer, and nicer-looking. Is the font Dax? Condensed?
  2. alackoflogic answered: I’ll go with the left. Both are well-designed, but aesthetically, I like the idea of a circle-within-a-circle.
  3. controvertialtriangles answered: The left one looks like the highways don’t continue within the loop. Maybe have the loop that size, but still draw the lines to the center.
  4. neuski answered: I don’t think the benefits of the right outweigh the left.
  5. transascendant answered: dunno, i like accuracy, and the one on the right doesn’t seem that complicated for such a large city.
  6. acclamator answered: Unless the highways inside I-410 are important… keep it simple and use the one on the left
  7. colomololo answered: The left is clearer, and easier to follow.
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