Official Map: Prague Metro Orientation Map

This is the first of three posts regarding current transit maps in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. All are part of a unified set of maps (all of which use the interesting framing device of stylised buildings and trams, which I can’t decide if I think is playfully irreverent or just plain stupid) and provide interesting lessons on how much information is “just right” for a transit map to be really useful.

This map is a simplified overview or orientation map of the Metro, and seems to serve a similar purpose to the Key Bus Routes of London Map that we’ve already featured - to provide a quick guide to public transport for visitors to the city. However, it’s slightly less successful than that map, as we’ll see below.

Have we been there? Yes, in 2004. After one initial trip on the Metro from the railway station to the hostel, I used trams exclusively.

What we like: Breezy and simple, bright and bold with a unique look. The little icons for major landmarks are quite charming. The Metro lines stand out really nicely, and interchanges are handled well.

What we don’t like: By comparison with the Metro lines, the tram lines come off very badly indeed. Without route numbers or anything other than final destinations shown, they’re really not very useful in this version of the map other than an indication that tram service exists. After that, you’re on your own…

Our rating: A nice looking map with its own very distinct look - this map belongs to Prague. I’m still not sure about the cartoon-like framing device, but it is carried across all elements of the corporate identity (other maps, website, etc,), so at least they’re consistent! Tram service information is a little light. Three-and-a-half stars.

3.5 Stars

(Source: Official DPP website)

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