Just a little more process. Merging real-world information with my styles, adjusting accordingly. The route lines have gotten slimmer in proportion to the streets themselves to simplify complex intersections and interchanges, and to keep things from getting muddled when you view the map as a whole. 

A few personal thoughts on Bus Maps as opposed to other transit types:

Whereas a rail map concerns itself mostly with the rail line itself, a bus line is all about navigating the actual streets. As this project develops I realize more and more that it’s a map of the city almost more than a map of the transit. There are elements of stylization of course — smoothing out interchanges, snapping the grid a bit, but ultimately the map has to represent the city. My goal is not just an elegant and beautiful transit map but also a completely useable map of the city. This is, after all, where the existing map fails so fundamentally — not as a transit diagram (though it certainly does fail there as well) but as a map.

Oh, this is looking pretty!

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