Reporting live from the streets of Portland, Oregon, where I’ve just noticed a new map on the ticket machine at my downtown stop. These are being rolled out in preparation for the abolition of the Free Rail Zone (and ALL fare zones!) on September 1st, and I have to say that the removal of the old multi-colored zone rings is a great improvement.

The poor old streetcar still gets short shrift (now being a grey squiggle instead of its previous brown squiggle), even with the imminent opening of the Eastside loop.

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    what?! no more free rail zone aka Fareless Square :[
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    Ahhhhhhh I need to just ride the max downtown all day erryday until the 1st
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    I’m so bummed that the free fare zone is going to be gone in a couple days.
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    They’re getting rid of the free zone? D: The way the text is angled (up, down, left, right, everywhere) alone tells me...
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