Unofficial Map: Thunder Bay Bus Network

Submitted and created by faiscequetupeux

A subway-style map of my city’s bus network. I’ve been making maps like this for 5 years now, this is the most detailed I’ve gotten.

The official system map is here.

I have plans to add downtown-level insets showing how the routes run near the two main terminals, and possibly layouts of each of the minor terminals as well, but that will come later.


Transit Maps says: A fine piece of work that looks visually superior to the official map. Perhaps a little guilty of trying to do a bit too much - the map relies heavily on a comprehensive (and slightly overwhelming) legend as well as a bewildering and sometimes less than intuitive array of dashed and stroked route lines to denote different frequencies and service patterns. There seems to be quite a bit of crossover between service icons and service strokes: are both needed, or can they be streamlined into one system or the other? On a more positive note, the icons for off-peak services and summer services are gorgeous, and the directional arrows for bus stops works really well.

Our rating: I’m giving this map four stars despite its flaws, because it looks great and is ambitious in its desire to be better than the existing map, and that sort of thinking should be rewarded.

4 Stars!

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    It’s nice to receive something a little more than “wow that looks good”. Now I can improve it.
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