Submission — Official Map: Josephine County Transit Bus Map, Oregon

Submitted by Matthew Harris, who says:

This is the official transit map for Grants Pass, Oregon (Josephine County) and it will supersede your German map (February 2013, 0 stars) as the worst transit map.


Transit Maps says:

I knew it!!!

I knew as soon as I gave a score of zero, something else would appear that was even worse. A blurry, muddy, incomprehensible mess without any useful labeling at all. The inclusion of property boundaries on the background layer makes the main part of the map (the city of Grants Pass, Oregon) so dark that it’s impossible to tell where the black “transfer points” actually are.

Our rating: The only thing saving this map from a rating lower than zero is the fact that there’s a Google Maps transit planner link on the County website, which actually works rather well. It really should just act as the official map, because this is terrible.


(Source: Official Josephine County website)

Side Note: 500th post on Transit Maps! Yay!

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