Future Map: “ProjectConnect” Central Texas High-Capacity Transit Vision

I’ve featured a couple of dodecalinear maps recently (both for Amsterdam — here and here), but this future transit map for Austin and San Antonio has got ‘em covered. It’s a hexadecalinear map. That is, there are sixteen possible directions for a route line to head from any given point.

Interestingly however, the angles between the route lines aren’t evenly arranged. Instead of 0 - 22.5 - 45 - 67.5 - 90 degree arrangement, this map uses  0 - 26.5 - 45 - 63.5 - 90. Ultimately, it doesn’t make a huge visual difference, and the resulting grid is adhered to accurately. If anything, it helps to limit the width of the map because of the long diagonal line from Austin to San Antonio.

Normally, I’d say that a 16-directional transit map is total overkill, seeing as most maps only have eight directions to move in and manage perfectly well, but this actually looks very striking and effective while probably also more closely conforming to the actual geography of the area. The legend is also excellent, clearly delineating currently operating, planned and under construction routes for all the transit modes.

I’m not so keen on the completely unnecessary angled labels for many of the stations: there’s plenty of room for horizontal labelling on this map (it’s okay for the street names to follow the direction of the road). The project logo is also pretty blandly generic and doesn’t really fit in with the stylish look of the map itself (Neutraface at work again!)

Our rating: Attractive and full of promise for the future — hugely important in trying to affect a change of mind-set regarding transportation options in a auto-reliant area like Texas (where — like large parts of the U.S. — the most popular new vehicle is a Ford F-150). Four stars!

4 Stars!

(Source: Project Connect website

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