The Lyon Metro map (March 2012, 4 stars) on the platform at Croix-Paquet station — reputedly the steepest Metro station in the world, with a 17 percent grade! Although nominally part of Lyon’s Metro system, the "C" Line is really a refurbished rack-and-pinion funicular, with the earliest trains running as far back as 1891.

(Source: BrusselsBen/Flickr)

Official Map: Transports en Commun Lyonnais System Map, Lyon, France

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Another fine example of a multimodal map, this time from Lyon, France. This map shows Métro, tram, bus and funicular service, as well as indications of connections to SNCF mainline train services in a map that wears its London Underground influences on its sleeve.

Have we been there? No.

What we like: Lovely clear layout, with almost all lines reduced to horizontals or verticals - only a few 45-degree route lines are to be seen. The typeface used is quite lovely, and may be custom: the PDF names it as “Confluence”, which is certainly apt for the city that sits at the confluence of the Saone and Rhone rivers. Excellent informational hierarchy, with terminus stations clearly shown via a black box with reversed text, and route lines at their thickest for the Métro and thinnest for bus routes.

What we don’t like: The letters that denote each transportation mode (“M”, “T”, “F” and “C”) end up looking too similar because of the consistent red background. Perhaps different colours or even different shapes could have been used to differentiate them a little more. The combined letters ad route numbers also take up quite a lot of space on the map, and can be a little hard to decipher at stations where many routes converge. Not sure of the utility of the unnamed station markers on the bus routes: are you meant to count stops to find where you want to get off?

Our rating: Clean, easy to read and quite charming. Four stars.

4 Stars!

(Source: Official TCL website)