Historical Map: Eastern Counties - South Norfolk Route Map, 1975

An interesting two-color bus map from 1975. Hot pink!

Strangely, while the service area boundary is heavily squared off and stylised, the routes themselves are presented very accurately. Really not the most usable map, as the route numbers are very difficult to follow from end to end. The meaning behind the dotted route lines also doesn’t appear to be explained at all on the map, but may be elsewhere in the timetable book in which this map appeared.

Our rating: Probably better when combined with the rest of the information in the timetable book, but doesn’t really work in isolation like this. Groovy mid-70s design, though. Two stars.

2 Stars

(Source: Herbert Skardon/Flickr)

Amtrak Service to Norfolk, Virginia Begins Tomorrow!

To celebrate, I’ve updated my Amtrak Passenger Rail Map to reflect the new route. Check out a bigger view of the whole map on Flickr!

Prints available: Society6 | Zazzle (sizes up to 60x40 inches!)