New Subway Map-Themed Game in Development: Mini Metro!

This looks extremely promising, especially since development on Third Rail seems to have stalled (no updates on progress since mid-last year). It’s being developed by small New Zealand-based studio, Dinosaur Polo Club (great name and logo!). Here’s the preamble from their website:

Mini Metro is a minimalist subway simulation game about designing efficient subway networks. The player must constantly redesign their line layout to meet the needs of a rapidly-growing city.

The game, currently available as a rough and ready alpha version (that’s pre-beta, folks!), currently has four maps — London, New York, Paris and one other that I haven’t identified as yet. Each map in the game looks like that of its real life equivalent, right down to the colours used to represent routes: a neat touch! That’s London seen in the mesmerising GIF above.

In short, I want to play this right now. Hurry up and take my money.

Developer’s Project Site | Devblog

Game of “1870”

A railroad-building board game set in the 19th century, complete with stock market shenanigans. Part of the “18xx" series of games, this particular game is set in the Mississippi Valley of the United States. Looks like the game allows for some creative and unusual track layout: I love the the loop-de-loop in the middle of the board!

This totally reminds me of a misspent youth playing Railroad Tycoon and beating those robber barons into submission.

(Source: petelovespurple/Flickr)


version 0.1

Here’s how it works: Each turn, you build some track and add a new station. And so do your opponents. Because you’re not the only line in town, you have competition. Your goal is to serve as many desirable blocks as possible, while keeping your opponents at bay. How? Well, every piece of track you lay down cannot be crossed. So every turn, you are building walls. The only way through is via stations.

Over time a subway system will develop, its layout determined by how you and your opponents have chosen to play the game.

I would buy this game in a heartbeat.

Fully Playable Ms. Pacman Game Based on the Washington, DC Metro Map

This is what you get when you trawl the internet late at night…easily one of the strangest things I’ve come across on the Web lately. You can actually play this map as if it was a game of Ms. Pacman — note the bow in her hair and Cindy Crawford-like beauty spot, just like the original game. Instructions on how to play are here. (Hint: it’s much easier to use the R O Y G B keys to move between route lines than to try and navigate with the arrow keys.)

You can also check out the author’s time-scaled interactive map of the DC Metro while you’re there.

(Source: MV Jantzen website)

Montreal Metro Board Game

Sent my way by Twitter user @andrewsalzberg, here’s another board game based on a transit system - this time, Montreal’s Metro! (Readers may remember this post about “The London Game”, a board game based on the London Underground.)

Looks like a pretty simple “race” game, but it captures the aesthetics of the actual map quite nicely.

(Source: Openalex website, via @andrewsalzberg)

Let The Game Begin!

Today I learned that there’s another game based on the London Underground apart from (the somewhat ridiculous) “Mornington Crescent" - "The London Game”. Where can I get a copy?

(Source: Zed.Cat/Flickr)