Submission – Fantasy Map: Venusian Transit Map from the PS4 Game “Destiny”

Submitted by leisurecomplex, who says:

I came across this transit map whilst playing the newly released Destiny on the PS4. This was in the Ishtar District on Venus. I didn’t see any rail infrastructure anywhere though, but the place had seen better days.


Transit Maps says:

Who says it’s a rail system? This is future Venus, right? Maybe it’s a teleporter, or Jetsons-style air tubes or something! Use your imagination! Great find, though: thanks to all who have sent similar screenshots my way.

  1. Camera: Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. PlayStation(R)4

What’s that, Green Line? Yes, I do think you look wonderful when all your stations are shown!

Work in progress screen shot of my Boston MBTA “T” map redesign. And this isn’t even the coolest part.